Each to their own…

My novel, Sin, is on Wattpad as a Featured Book. It’s had almost 363,000 reads. I think that’s pretty good.

I’ve also had some AMAZING comments. People have said it’s the best thing they’ve read, that it’s marvellous, perfection, even.

Wonderful comments and truly inspiring and humbling.

So. This morning I had an email. Wattpad send you them to let you know of new comments and followers. Someone had left a comment on the prologue for Sin. The person mentioned that they liked my writing, but thought I should know when to stop talking nonsense. Fair point. Something to take on board, I thought – even though Sin is written through the mind of someone who may well be insane. I welcome all comments, good and bad. Everyone has their own opinion and I respect and appreciate that.

My personal point of view on various things may not coincide with that of others and so on. It makes the world a much more interesting place. If we didn’t have differing outlooks, we’d have nothing to talk about.

The comment is no longer on there, however. Usually, I’d leave something like there. A balanced view is important. And, as I said, they’re entitled to their opinion.

It was the fact that the person finished by saying ‘I kinda hate your guts’ that made me delete it.

I didn’t appreciate that.

My work on Wattpad, including Sin: http://wattpad.com/ShaunAllan

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