In It to Win It…


Don’t you just love them? Owt for Nowt?

Well, not quite that, of course, but you get my drift. I hope. A giveaway. A freebie. A few clicks and the prize could be in your hands. I love ’em, personally.

I used to enter so many competitions. My lunch hour would be filled with writing out postcards, I’d be throwing out emails and surfing the internet to find them. My wallet would bulge with packs of stamps.

And I’d win.

I’ve won some wonderful prizes. One of my first was a pair of tickets to the cinema. I was excited even though that particular chain of cinemas didn’t have one anywhere near me. I won a Pot Noodle voucher. Similar tingles even though I don’t actually like Pot Noodles.

I once won a flight to Sydney, Australia that was expensive enough for me to change it to take my family to Disneyland Paris. There’s been money, a trip to Paris that coincided with the release of a Tomb Raider game (and the prize included the console and game to play them on). One prize was a trip to the Lynx villa, somewhere hot (I can’t remember when), where they were having a big weekend party with celebrity DJs. It left, unfortunately, on the day we were going to Paris for other competition. Often, you can’t transfer prizes to someone else, but you could in this case. So I sold it to a friend and had extra pocket money for the trip!

Competitions, and the time to enter them, have taken a back seat nowadays. I write when I can and when I can’t, I’m working or with my family. As such, it’s been a while since a winning envelope dropped through my letterbox or I had a special telephone call.

But, I still enter them, when I can. Even if it’s something small, I still get a bubble of something other than wind in anticipation of winning the Grand Prize.

As such, I’m delighted to be able to actually announce a competition. Myrddin, my publishing group with whom Dark Places has entered the world, are running a giveaway.

The prize is a $100 Amazon gift card and the closing date is 26th May. It isn’t limited to any locale, so you can enter from anywhere in the world. All you have to do is Like the Myrddin Facebook page or Tweet the competition. You can use the Rafflecopter towards the top right of this blog, or visit and click on Giveaway beneath the banner.

Good luck, whomever and wherever you are. Don’t, for one moment, think you have no chance of winning and let that prevent you from entering. You have every chance. And I sincerely hope you do!

Remember. You’ve got to be IN it to WIN it.

(For more from Myrddin Publishing, go to their website at or follow them on Twitter at @myrddinpub)

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