Why are Pirates called Pirates?

Everyone wants to be a pirate. Well, when they’re young anywho. 
Well, I did at least. 
I didn’t get the chance, clearly. The days of dropping anchor, pieces of right and ‘X’ marks the spot are long gone. Perhaps it’s the reason the Pirates if the Caribbean films are so popular? I, myself, love them and I’m looking forward to number 5. But maybe it’s because everyone, at some point in their lives, had pretended to have one leg and an eye patch that had made Captain Jack Sparrow probably more well known than Long John Silver. 
As it is, my day job is more to do with computers, drawings and thickness readings than treasure maps, deck swabbing and cannon balls.  Saying that, I’ve not spent that much time at sea so I’m not sure if my stomach could handle the tilt and sway if a galleon.

Well, my family and I are enjoying a well earned break on the Balearic island of Majorca. It was a great last minute deal and we’ve had great fun. This includes getting lost on a trip to Cala D’Or and being stranded in Manacor after our bus driver had told us he went to where we’re staying but then went somewhere completely different. 
On our second day, we went to see a show. A pirate show. 
The Pirate Adventure Show to be precise. 
I have to admit, I was excited. My wife admits she went so I could. It wasn’t cheap by any means. I believe for my family of two adults, a child under 12 and one under 2, it was around £150. This included the coach journey, however. 
But, it was worth every penny and then some. 
When we arrived, a pirate jumped on the bus. Ok it was a guy in a pirate costume, but he, Raphael, was there to point out cameras hadn’t been invented yet so no photography or video was allowed. He also made us laugh. Good start. 
We went in and were taken to our seats. We’d gone for the Main Deck, which was the cheap seats, effectively, but all seating areas had a perfect view. Food was brought out, consisting of sausages, chicken portions and chips (as in fries). There was a vegetarian option if required. It wasn’t a banquet but there was plenty and it was very tasty. Coke, water and cartons if Sangria were available for free all night. Now the Sangria was out if a box, but it was still nice and wet and we didn’t mind as we were the for the show. 
And what a show!  
Parts were funny, parts were impressive and parts were breathtaking. From a brilliant comedic rendition of ‘Too Good to be True’ to acrobatics and sword fights, the show was, barring the intermission, non stop. Even my two year old (two next week anyway) didn’t stop clapping!
I can honestly say it’s one if the best shows I’ve seen. The balancing act that had a man climbing up the ship’s ropes with another teetering on his head by one hand had everyone going WOW!  There was a constant stream of laughter and applause from the audience. Myself included. 
The following night, they had a tenth anniversary show in aid if Great Ormond Street children’s hospital. 
There’s also a later, more adult, show. Maybe next year?
Anywho. If you’re ever in Majorca and you miss this, you’ll be missing something that will be areal highlight of your holiday. It certainly is of mine. 
For more information, their website is http://www.piratesadventure.com/ and they’re on Twitter at @PiratesMallorca. 
Oh, and the show is performed entirely in English. My daughter had been worried about it understanding what was said. I told her she would be fine as the spectacle would be enough. We needn’t have worried. 


Also, check out their trailer at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvrTJo4RR94
And why are pirates called pirates?
‘Cos they ARRRRR!


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