Cyn by Any Other Word…

It’s me again.  Sin.  Your favourite not-quite-insane lunatic.  I do hope you’re well.  I thought I’d sneak in whilst that Mr. Allan geezer wasn’t looking and borrow his chair for a while to chat with someone new.  I’ve got a right one here.  A certain Cindy Harper.  She appears to be a friend and fan of said Mr. Allan and has read my story.

That makes her crazy to begin with…

What’s your name?
You think it’s a bitch to be called Sin? Try being called Cyn-Cyn. Most of my friends, if that’s what we should call them, shorten it to Cyn. Yes, pronounced the same as yours.
A sister-in-spirit then?  Well, you’ll know some of the fun I had at school then.  Yes, it is rather a ‘bitch’ to be called Sin.  And Everest is a big hill.  Where are you from?
Not these parts.
Is that the name of the town?  I don’t recall seeing it on a map anywhere.  ‘Not These Parts’ – Population 1?  I know there are places called Boring, Why, Wetwang (I’ve been there – my ‘wang’ stayed dry…), Middlefart and No Name, but never heard of that one.  Do you like living there?  If not, where would your favourite place to live be?  Is yes, where would you least like to live?
Eh. *shrugs* There are worse places. There are better places. This will do for now.
I like your enthusiasm.  If you’re a writer/film-maker, is this your ‘day job’?
*Bitter laugh* You’re kidding, right? I’m not a writer, nor am I a film-maker. I know too many that are. Looking to have your story on the big screen one day?
If my story was on the ‘big-screen’, I doubt people would believe it.  I, myself, struggle to.  Tell me about your latest project.
 *Snorts* Which one? I have at least a half dozen in the works, depending on the medium you’re asking about.
I wasn’t talking about Mediums, unless you’re a psychic.  Or septic.  How do you feel about bacon?  A crazy person once said it was the food of the gods.  OK, I admit that person was myself…
Bacon. Bacon should be considered a main staple of life. Which gods do you talk to?
Any who will listen.  I like your thinking regarding bacon!  What is your favourite film?
Nice.  I have to admit to being a fan myself.  Have you always wanted to be a writer, or is it something you found yourself doing one day?
I’m a writer by choice and by challenge.
Is it your choice to be challenged?  Do you have so many ideas they dribble out of your nose if you don’t get them down, or do you have to hunt around the floor and the back of your sofa to find where your Muse is hiding?
They don’t make enough paper tissues for all the ideas I have. When they get too bad, I sneeze. Then, I can breathe again. Eventually, like bad allergies, they catch up to me again. Rinse, lather, repeat as necessary.
You should have shares in Kleenex!  If you were in an asylum – though it sounds like you belong in one – what would your particular delusion or psychosis be?
I get to choose? How novel. Let’s go for the big guns. Let’s try Schizophrenia for $200, Alex. 
Interesting choice.  Surprisingly, we don’t get many schizophrenics in here.  I think it’s too ‘normal’ an illness for our dear Doctor.  What genre(s) do you write?
Whatever amuses me at the time.
OK.  Reason enough.  What genres(s) do you read?
Whatever’s currently on the e-reader.
Makes sense…  If these are the same, what attracts you to them.  If they’re different, why do you think that is?
Really? You had to go there? I like variety. Variety is the spice of life. You get too much of one kind, you get to where you can’t stand it anymore. Keep it changing; keep it different. I’m not saying you can’t revisit, just don’t let it be the only thing you get.
Very good point.  That’s why I don’t like Cheesy Wotsits or Monster Munch anymore.  They were the only thing we had when I was young, so I went right off them.  Now.  Bacon – just cooked or crispy?
Who’s cooking it?
Does it matter?  It is bacon, after all.  Now you’re in the asylum with me, how do you aim to get out?  Do you have an escape plan?
Who says I want out? I just go here. I hear there’s a lot going on in here. Maybe I want a piece of it. Maybe I want a piece of you. Whatcha gonna do about it?
I think I may start running…
Cindy can be found throwing words at her blog ( and hoping they make sense, or brightening your day in the Twitterverse at @cmerun12.  Be sure to check her out.  Just don’t let her see you’re doing it…

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