Radio Moi Moi!

Radio Ga-Ga?  No, Radio Moi-Moi
I was delighted, today, to receive an email from Steve Redgrave, a producer at BBC Radio Humberside.  He’s asked me if I’d like to visit and chat, live on air, with them for their Saturday morning breakfast show!
I’m pleased and honoured, to say the least, that someone wants to hear me waffle on about, apparently, ME!  Not only that, but they think the 60,000+ listeners they have might want to as well!
Best think of something to say, then.
The request came in the wake of the Poetry Workshop I carried out at Humberston Academy (the result of which is on the Primary Poetry page on this blog).  I was blown away by the work the pupils produced and I’m pleased to be able to mention this on BBC radio.
I’m already nervous about going.  No, not because I have to venture across the water to Hull!  But because I always do prior to these things.  When I was on Sky TV all those years ago, I was actually shaking, I think.  Before doing the workshops at Humberston Academy, both last year and this, I was a little anxious.  For my book signings, previous radio interviews and my appearance at the Cleethorpes Library, it was the same.
Granted, when I start talking, it quickly fades, so I know I’ll be ok.  My worst thing is that I start talking about something, then completely lose track of what I was saying and had my dog clipped last night – the poor thing was so hot, she needed a… erm… where was I?  Obviously, I’ll be clear and concise and SO interesting during the interview (I hope)!
Anywho-be-do.  The show, hosted by Lizzie Rose, will be on tomorrow morning (Saturday 20th July), from 6am to 10am.  I’ll be on it from around 9:35 to 9:55.  This is BST, by the way – British Summer Time.  The frequency is 95.9 fm if you’re in the area, or you can listen at hope you’ll take the time to drop by.  If it’s in the middle of the night where you are, and you can’t keep your eyes open, you can catch the show late in the day at And go to about 2 hours 40 minutes in. 

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