I sometimes wonder if I should write to a specific genre.  People do, don’t they?  There are horror writers, romance and epic fantasy authors.  Shouldn’t I do this also?

Pick a genre, double it, add the genre I first thought of?

But I can’t.  I don’t write the stories, they, after a fashion, write me.  I don’t plan, I don’t think ahead, much, I just let them say what they want to.  I suppose it’s something of a worry, then, that my characters range from a PC waiting for the end of the world, the Four Horsemen, a mastodon who’s lost her tooth and an escaped lunatic.

There’s humour, science fiction, horror and children’s worlds revolving around in my head, so if I had to pick a genre, I expect it would be ‘weird’…  I don’t know if that describes me.  Maybe ‘offbeat’?  In Sin, there’s a LOT of me interwoven with the character.  His tangential thoughts, his ideas and ideals, his sense of humour.

Perhaps I shouldn’t admit to that, especially seeing as people die around him!

I like it, though – the not planning.  It means that I’m often surprised by what happens as much as, I’d hope, the reader was.  When Sin is picked up by a farmer and discovers the truth about his (the farmer’s) wife and their baby, I was shocked myself.  After I’d written 15,000 words whilst in Egypt for a week, and could feel the end was near, I didn’t know what that end was.  In fact I was worried that, as I didn’t plan or plot, the end might not come and Sin would be just hanging there, waiting, wondering.

But I didn’t have to worry.  He always has a voice.  So much so that he has his own blog, written from his point of view.  You can’t keep a good man down, or even a bad man trying to be good.

So.  Genres.  I’m asked what genre I write in.  What do I say?  Any?  All?  Am I genreless, wandering around in a wasteland of ideas, trying to find my way to the lost cities of Horror or Humour?  No, I’m on a road trip.  My tank is full, I’ve got a decent supply of drinks, crisps and chocolate bars (nice and healthy, I know) and I’m just stopping off at the towns and villages along the way.  The people therein are quite entertaining and so many have tales to tell.

So I’m simply their voice.

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