Christmas is coming…

Christmas is coming.  The goose is getting fat, but I eat turkey, so I’m not too fussed ’bout that.  I’m waiting for the snow to fall and the temperature to drop, for the river outside my house to freeze and the world to come to a stop.


And though the ducks will walk on water and the air will be just biting, I’ll be fine with pen and paper, as long as I am writing.


This time last year I was in good cheer, for my second book was done.  It all had raced in such a blur, but now the race was won.  And since back then, I have been blessed with reviews so very fine.  My so long journey went so fast, and my books can surely shine!


Now Christmas is coming once again and more books I have in store, like Zits’n’Bits and Rudolph, and soon so many more.


I love to write, creating worlds no man has walked upon, and to take a reader by the hand and share with everyone.  I also love to find myself taken by a writer’s hand, and led to places far and wide, discovering whole new lands.


I guess that on my Christmas list, I’d ask for a few more hours.  For writing, reading, marketing you need some special powers!  Just a couple, five or so, more hours in the day and I might get to do the things that keep on slipping away.  Work and life and family I thoroughly enjoy, but to fit it into 24, I’d have more me’s to employ!


But so it is and such is life, it only makes us stronger.  But, Santa, if you’re listening, can you make my days a little longer?

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