Spoiling by the BBC

The BBC are spoiling me.  Really they are.


I had awaited, with breath bated, Christmas Day when I knew Matt Smith would regenerate into Peter Capaldi and we’d had a new era of Doctor Who.  The day was upon us and, due to it being Christmas Day and me having various Chrismassy/family things to do, I had to watch it on my tablet on catch-up later.

That was fine, I didn’t mind.  I just needed to watch it.  I’m a little unsure about the episode.  When the wonderful David Tennant transformed into Matt, there was a lot more action and tension.  Probably because this hand-over was spread over 300 years or so, that tension somewhat evaporated.


Still.  I enjoyed it.  It was a very different episode to the normal ‘Phoenix from the ashes’ we’re used to.  We saw The Doctor age, something that was, until now, unheard of.  I liked that touch.  It was, also, good to see the Crack back, and the Silence – though they could have been built upon.  I wonder if Clara‘s tears as she said goodbye to ‘her’ Doctor were real?  Capaldi’s first line (“new kidneys”) mirrored Tennant’s “new teeth”, which was a nice touch.  Let’s hope he can shine as bright in the Whovian Universe as his predecessors have.


When Eccleston reinvented The Doctor, I didn’t think anyone could fill his shoes, especially someone I’d only known from Casanova.  Of course, for me at least, David Tennant equalled Tom BakerMatt Smith had a very hard act to follow and did so very well, becoming a much more physical and madcap Doctor.


With Capaldi, we’ve returned to William Hartnell‘s age, the previous Doctors growing steadily younger, and we have a whole new slew of regenerations available inside him.  I’m pleased he began with humour, and I’m sure he’ll be able to bring a certain darkness we’ve not seen before.


So.  Doctor Who.  Cool.




I heard on the radio, after a multitude of ‘Coming Soon’ ads on the TV and the Many Happy Returns minisode on the Internet, that Sherlock is back on New Year’s Day!



This is the third, and I assume final given that Cumberbatch is now known worldwide thanks to Star Trek and The Hobbit (along with Martin Freeman – his Watson), series of the updated Sherlock series.  I have loved the series so far.  Really loved it.  From the comedic elements of dogging in the Hound of the Baskervilles to Sherlock’s sharpness and intellect.  And I thought the end of series 2 (no spoilers for those that haven’t seen it) was EPIC!


So, New Year’s Day, BBC1, 9pm, I know where I’ll be!


Oh yes, and there’s more.  I, myself, will be on BBC Radio Humberside from around 11:30am (UK) on Thursday January 2nd!  I’ll be interviewed by Blair Jacobs on my involvement with the wonderful Christmas O’Clock charity anthology and my writing in general.  Drop by if you get chance.  Their website is http://www.bbc.co.uk/radiohumberside.


Oh, and if only they actually did the episode where the Doctor comes to visit Sherlock and Watson, as per the little teaser trailer someone (I don’t think it’s official) has spliced together and scattered about the internet.  It looks SO good!


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