I stayed till the Ender, but only just…

A short while ago, I had a stay in hospital due to a sinus operation I was having. I had the opportunity, whilst there, to watch a couple of films.  There was no way I was going to sleep for my two night stint, so having the chance to catch up on some movies I’d been wanting to watch wsa ideal. 
One such film was Ender’s Game starring Harrison Ford. 
Now, I admit to being a fan of Mr. Ford. He’s made some bloody good stuff. From Indiana Jones and Star Wars to Frantic and The Fugitive. I’ve like many, many of his films.
Unfortunately, there’s often a piecevofbpoo mixed in with the nuggets. A ‘bum-nugget’ if you will.
Ender’s Game is Harrison Ford’s bum-nugget. 
Now I love science fiction films. If you read this blog you know that. I’m a huge fan, so I had high hopes for this.  The trailer looked good, the effects seemed excellent. 
Yes. Well. 
The trailer does look good. The effects are great. It’s a pity the film isn’t. 
I haven’t read the book, so I can’t compare. I have it on my ereader and have yet to decide if the movie has put me off. 
I thought the story was ok. Interesting premise, but, in the film version at least, I felt the plot and character development were lacking. I felt very little for the bit taken from his home to lead a galactic war. Ford seemed to be awkward with his character and lines. And the bully came out of nowhere with no real motives apart from simply being an arse and wasn’t missed when gone.
I carried on watching until the end, but that was only because I didn’t want to watch another episode of the NCIS marathon which seemed to be going on through the night.
Ender’s Game, for me, had less meat than a wet lettuce.  And the cast were less animated than those stumbling through the Walking Dead. 
3 stars. 

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