I Used to be a Wolf…

…But I’m alright now-ooooo!
Following on from my previous review of a film which promised much but failed to deliver, here’s a film which is the complete opposite. 
That’s not to say The Wolf of Wall Street didn’t receive lots of critical acclaim and , more importantly, the public’s acclaim, because it did. What I mean is, for me, I didn’t feel the lure of a movie about the stock market. I know nothing about stocks and shares, or even if they’re the same thing. I own a few but my knowledge is minimal – as is my interest.
I like some DiCaprio films but not others. I didn’t like The Beach, but thought Inception was amazing, for example. So I was completely unsure about The Wolf. 

Friends at work and customers of my wife had said it was brilliant. We had to give to give it a go. It wasn’t until the film had started we realised it was almost 3 hours long!
We needn’t have worried. The pace of the film is, mostly, so fast we didn’t notice. Sure, there are a couple of lags at various points, but DiCaprio just owns the screen. He’s sharp and there are some hilarious moments. 

Margo Robbie, his wife in the film, is simply stunning. She’s come a long way from her stint in the Australian soap Neighbours, a show which also launched Kylie, Guy Pierce and Alan Dale, who’s appreares in everything from Lost to Indiana Jones to, more recently, Captain America the Winter Soldier.  Margo and the rest of the cast (Jonah Hill, Matthew McConaughey and so on) are all excellent and this is a film that excuses class and a wit so sharp it could cut itself. 
That this is a true story, more or less, is amazing. For a man in the street such as I, to even imagine the amounts of money thrown around here beggars belief.
All in all, this film is definitely one to watch. I’ll reserve judgement on such things in the future! 
Oh watch out for the part after he passes out making a call. SO funny.
A well deserved 8/10


  1. I was a bit hesitant to watch this movie because I work for someone who is well-established within this industry and he said it was disappointing. Several others told me they walked out of the theatre because it was too vulgar. Unwilling to listen to what others had to say, we decided to go and see it. We loved it. Jonah and Leonardo were incredible.. not to mention the guy from The Walking Dead. Margo was good too. I would recommend watching this movie to people who aren’t afraid of the “F” bomb and some extremely entertaining adult content!

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