On Growing Up

What’s all that then?  Growing up?  Not heard of that one.

Nor sure I want to, either.  It sounds like something you catch from biting your nails after playing in the mud.  Oh, no.  That’s worms.  But close enough.  It still wraps around your insides and takes all your nourishment.

Why do people do it?  Lose their innocence.  Forget their sense of wonder.  For what?  You don’t need to be sensible to be sensible, if that makes sense.  Which it probably doesn’t…

Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional, so they say.  They also say you don’t stop laughing when you grow old, you grow old when you stop laughing.

I agree.  I act the daft dad with my children, regardless of who might be watching.  Well, in context of where we are, of course.  If I ever meet the Queen (or King by then) for my MBE for services to British Literature, I won’t be cracking cheeky jokes.  Well, I wouldn’t think I would, anyway.  But grow up?

I want to believe in Santa and fairies and wonder if the sun really does go to sleep at night.  In my children’s book of poetry Zits’n’Bits, I ended the collection with a poem called I Want To Be Five.  How many people miss everything being magical or new or even scary?

I have a stressful job at an oil refinery.  I have children, a partner, bills and responsibilities.  I’m lucky in that my partner and my children share my view of keeping the dream, whichever dream that might be, alive.  My responsibilities don’t quite have the same outlook, though.  But I stick my tongue out behind their back.

For various reasons, I had to be ‘grown up’ when I was younger.  I was the first born.  I was the role model for my two younger brothers.  I was the <cough, splutter> ‘sensible’ one.  But now, I can let the facade drop.

I’m an adult, yes, but I want to find that second star on the left so I can fly straight on till morning.


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Finale Eve…


About a month ago, as you’ll see from my previous post (sorry about the wait for a follow-up), I was asked to write a story.


This story was written in conjunction with NBC Universal and Wattpad to help promote their new film The Purge: Anarchy.  To say I was honoured to be asked is an understatement.  I was blown away and was worried I’d do them justice.


It appears my fears were unjustified.  It appears my story wasn’t too bad at all.  The comments I’ve had for Mr. Composurehave been so amazing, I’m staggered by the amount of love given to this story.  So many people have said how much they’ve enjoyed my writing, with many begging for the update.


Unfortunately, of course, the updates are governed by the executives at NBC Universal and Wattpad.  They have said the updates will be weekly, leading up to the release of the film.


There’s been three updates so far.  The first part went live on the 24th June.  Part two followed on the 3rd July.  Part three was uploaded last Tuesday, the 8th July.


Part four, the grand finale, goes live tomorrow.


I mentioned in my last post that writing this story was out of my comfort zone.  I normally write either paranormal thrillers or children’s stories.  I’ve dabbled in science fiction and erotica too, but, normally, it’s the paranormal thrillers than win out.  So, to have such a huge positive response to Mr. Composure, is quite humbling really.  At the time of writing, I’m coming up to 80,000 reads, which is phenomenal, really.


And tomorrow, the last part is uploaded.  I have to admit to being a little anxious.  I’ve deliberately been somewhat vague about the main character but I knew exactly who he’d be when I started.  I had the final two sentences written pretty much as soon as I’d written the opening!  I think people are going to be surprised – and shocked – by two things in particular.


In fact, I hope they are.  That was my intention.


The story will be, I’m told, used to help promote the film over the next year.  I have no idea what form that promotion will take, but I’m looking forward to finding out.


Whatever happens, I do hope, if you’ve read Mr. Composure, you’ve enjoyed it (and voted!).


Either way, I sincerely thank everyone who has dropped by the story or my page for their support.  It honestly does mean SO much.


And, this comment by a reader made me feel I must be doing something correct with my writing.  This is what really makes my day.


“I just found a new role model in writing. YOU! Thank you for sharing your works!!! I just stumbled across your account and read one of your excerpts. Fantastic. Amazing. No words to describe my emotional disbelief that an individual can write so well. Keep it up, and never, ever, stop improving because my goodness, I don’t even know if you CAN improve. I don’t mean this in a bad way. I mean this in the way that you are literally the best, and your works are the best that I have ever come across. So well written!”

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