Tap Your Own Ending

Dare you go down into cellar? If you do, then you make the rules, thanks to the latest innovation from Wattpad’s amazing Tap app!

If you haven’t heard of it yet, TAP is an app from the Wattpad team that redefines how you read stories. Do you find it difficult to fit in the time to read a story. Do you get so far then are unable to revisit the chapter for weeks due to life getting in the way?

If so, TAP may well be the answer to your escapism dreams.

The format turns a tale into a text. You delve into the minds and lives of two or more people chatting to each other by phone. As it’s name suggests, you go through the conversation by tapping an area at the bottom of the screen thus revealing the next message. And maybe the best part? You can generally read the whole thing in five minutes! Yup!

You might think that’s fairly limited,but I have to disagree! The range of stories on Tap is amazing. You have horror, romance, Fanfiction and so much more. And now, you have the ability to make the story your own. 

Wattpad have introduced Choose Your Own Ending!

That’s right! As you make your way through the conversation, you are given choices. Open the door or climb the ladder. Eat the pasta or throw it in their face. You decide. 

In the case of my latest Tap story, you… Well, I’ll let you discover for yourself. Suffice to say, there’s a zombie in your cellar. Maybe the last one. And you just have to investigate… 


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Something Sinister this way comes…

Every so often, something big comes your way.  It’s not necessarily a major deal to anyone else, but to you – it’s a mindblower.  It can involve large amounts of money, children, marriage, a job offer you can’t refuse…  There are lots of things.

Writing, for me, is something I’ve done all my life.  From being a child, I’ve scribbled down stories.  Yes, there have been times I’ve not written much, due to various issues and a distinct lack of time, but now it’s an essential part of my life.  I even have tattoos depicting my love of the craft.

Well.  Last year, I was approached by the wonderful Wattpad to ask if I’d be willing to write an original story based on the premise of the movie The Purge.  The sequel, The Purge: Anarchy, was coming out and Universal was working with Wattpad, which gets in excess of 14 million unique visitors a month, to help promote the film.  My book, Sin, is apparently one of their top mystery/thrillers and they thought I’d be ideal to write for the film.  I wrote Mr. Composure, a story which was described as ‘the best story ever’ and had ‘the best plot twist ever’.  To say I was honoured to have been asked is an understatement.

This was one of those big things.

Imagine my shock-surprise-elation when I received a similar request this year!

Universal were releasing Sinister 2, the follow up to the hit horror, Sinister.  They were working with Wattpad once again.  This time, however, they specifically asked for me as they were so pleased with my work on Mr. Composure!

Erm…  WOW!!

I’d seen, and enjoyed, the first film.  I liked the premise too.  I just had to come up with an idea.  With The Purge’s Mr. Composure, my wife had given me the inspiration for the opening (often that’s all I need to run with a story).  I could then write and see where it went.  For Sinister 2, the studio wanted an overview of the story first.  GULP!  I usually don’t work like that – the story takes its own path and I run along behind, picking up the words and trying to throw them together in some semblance of order.  It meant I had to have a full idea of the story before I’d even written it.  Now, I know lots of authors work like that.  They plan each chapter with a full idea of the story arc and then flesh it out.  As I don’t, this was a new experience for me.

But, I did it.  My little girl, who’s 4, told me I could keep her imaginary friend, Nathaniel (a name we’ve never used as we don’t know anyone with that name) forever…  Erm…  Yes…  Needless to say, Nathaniel seemed to fit perfectly for what I needed here.  I wrote the story.  Suffer the Little Children is that story and, apparently, it’s ‘genuinely terrifying’, which is nice!

So, that’s two big things.  Two reasons for me to put my hand to my mouth and go “WOW!”  Not just being asked to write the stories in the first place, but because of the amazing response and support I’ve had for them too.

So, thank you Wattpad, thank you Universal and a ‘big’ thank you to you guys.  It is appreciated!

Now, of course, I am working on my next story.  My eldest daughter (12 years old) gave me a bizarre and somewhat twisted idea of The Little Mermaid as a sort of challenge.  I’m almost 10,000 words in and I’m happy to say, I’m rising to that challenge.  And the Meek Shall Walk is coming along nicely, though the Little Mermaid, to my knowledge, didn’t have blood or decapitation in it…


For further reading, here’s the links to the stories above:


Suffer the Little Children:

Wattpad: http://bit.ly/SufferLittleChildrenWP


Amazon: http://getbook.at/SinEbook

Wattpad: http://bit.ly/SinWP

composureMr. Composure:

Amazon: http://getbook.at/MrComWP

Wattpad: http://bit.ly/MrComWP

meekAnd the Meek Shall Walk:

Wattpad: http://bit.ly/MeekShallWalkWP

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Win With Sin…

Wow! I’m delighted to have just passed 16000 Twitter followers! I feel a giveaway coming on!
The question: Name Sin’s sister.
If you haven’t read Sin, there’s info on my website, in interviews and she has her own story (the last one) in Dark Places.  And she’s the ‘opposite’ to Sin.
The prize? A compendium of ebooks, including Sin, Dark Places, Zits’n’Bits and Rudolph Saves Christmas.
Closing date end of August!
Either post your answer to my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/singularityspoint or tweet me @singularityspnt with the hashtag #WinWithSin
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We are SALEING!!

Books set sale on a free ride to literary escape!


Or, in other words, I’ve lowered the price of my books for a limited time in a couple of promotions.


I’ve been meaning to this for a while as a thank you to all the wonderful comments I keep getting for my stories.  As life tends to get in the way of everything I plan to do, this hasn’t happened up until now.  But, I do end up getting round to things in the end!  And here we are.

Firstly, it’s the 4th of July in a couple of days.  Yes, I’m sure you already know that.  The thing is, here in the UK, it’s another box on the calendar to strike through on the way to the weekend.  Saying that, I’m sure many would like to join in the celebrations that go on across that big pond thing in the middle of us.


As such, on Amazon, I’ve reduced the price of both Sin and Dark places to only 99 cents.  This works out to about 79p in the UK, and relative prices around the world.  This is valid until the end of the week, Friday (inclusive).

Sin is available from Amazon at:

US: http://amzn.to/SinUSEB

UK: http://amzn.to/SinUKEB


Dark Places can be found at:

US: http://amzn.to/DarkPlacesUSEB

UK: http://amzn.to/DarkPlacesUKEB


For those of you who use Smashwords, they are holding a 2013 Summer/Winter Sale, in light of the fact that up here (top of this ball we’re flying through space on) it’s apparently summer.  I’m sure in places other than the UK that’s probably true.  In the Southern hemisphere, it’s winter.  I’m told my Australian friends are having to wear jeans instead of shorts and put a t-shirt on.

I’ve joined this great offer and my books are now either free or half price at Smashwords and can be found at:http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/singularity.  The sale extends until the 31st July.


I do hope you’ll drop by and peruse and, hopefully, grab yourself a bargain.


More so, if you do, I hope you enjoy it.


For those of you celebrating Independence Day, have a good one.  For those not, have a good one too!

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Sin… Lady Luck…


Is she a lady? She’s called as much, and I wouldn’t want to besmirch her good name by suggesting otherwise or by calling ‘her’ a ‘him’ or ‘she’ a ‘he’. But, IS she a lady?Female, perhaps, but would an actual LADY, all grace and goodness, be bad?

Let’s face it, luck can be so bad you’d think it had the devil in her. You’d think a little case of demonic possession was going on and Luck was sneering at you with red eyes glowing and sharp teeth gleaming.

So, a Lady or just female. Not that I’m saying women are demonically possessed, of course. We’re talking ‘luck’ here, not the ‘fairer’ sex. I’m just saying, Luck is generally referred to as a her. Same as a ship.

“God bless her and all who sail in her!” the Royal Highness or Mayor of Wotsit would proclaim whilst wasting a perfectly palatable bottle of bubbly by smashing it against the side.

Naturally, no-one sails in Luck – you’d sink. And there’s no way to steer. But, by the same token, a ship can’t help you win the lottery. I suppose they chat about that over a glass of wine on a Friday evening. Oh, no, they can’t. Some dignitary smashed it against the brow of the boat! Oh well. There’s some cans of Apple Tango in the conservatory.

Anywho. Luck. Bless her, and all who get swept along when she’s in a good mood, or smashed over the head with a bottle of Bad when she’s not.

We’ve been on more than nodding terms, her and I. In the past, of course. Almost on speaking terms, no less. I’ve won numerous competitions – money, holidays in fabulous hotels, computers and so on. I met a wonderful girl. Luck and I were getting on great.

Then I had to jinx it.

What is a jinx? Is it a creature that hides in the shadows, waiting to trip up Luck when she’s skipping along? Is it the last train from Happiness Station, with no stops till midnight? Either way, see a penny, pick it up…

You know how it goes. ‘And all day long you’ll have good luck.’ Well, clearly Luck didn’t want to be tied to me in that way, especially when that penny was a TWO pence. Especially when that TWO pence was jealous of my fraternisations with Luck and decided to let the Jinx juggle with my juices. Especially, in fact, when the two pence let the Jinx smash me over the head with Luck.

Well, a lady is bound to take offence at that, isn’t she?

Take a look at me now. Someone should write a song.

In an asylum. Escaping the screams. And the pain. If only the pain was my own, though, the fact that it isn’t sort of makes it more so mine.

Luck. Lady or not, she’s turned her back on me.

Maybe she won’t on you. Maybe you have my luck. Be careful with it. Treat it ‘like a lady’. Try it out! Here’s a perfect opportunity!

I’m told, by Jeremy – the only orderly to at least treat us like people – that there’s a competition. A giveaway. You can win an Amazon Kindle Fire, amongst other fabulous things. I’ve put a link on the right hand side of this blog and there’s a page for it on that Shaun Allan’s page. He’s a writer or something. He’s called his website www.shaunallan.co.uk which, I think, is genius. no, really. Wouldn’t have thought of that myself…

Anywho-be-do. Try your luck, before someone else does. You’ve got to be in it to win it. Being stuck in an asylum, I’m unable to enter.

Win one for me, won’t you?

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Sin…The Promotion…

I’m being promoted.

No, not that kind of promotion. I’m not going from patient to orderly, or even Grand Poobah himself (or ‘Himself’, no doubt). There’s no corner office with a lovely big window overlooking the gardens. I don’t get a pay rise with a nice bonus to boot.

I might just get the boot…

No handshake. No letter on fancy-schmancy embossed paper, gilded letterhead resplendent.


But, apparently, I’m being promoted.

Well, you might think, he’s known as ‘The Reverend’. Perhaps he’s becoming ‘The Deacon’ or ‘The Bishop’?

You’d be wrong.

Still, though, I’m in good spirits. The promotion in question (if you, in fact, were questioning) is that I’m being made free. And, you’re wrong again.

I’m not being released. Even though I’m meant to be here voluntarily so I should be able to walk out of here when I please, I can’t. Connors has his claws into me just as if I’m a mouse and he’s swooped down from on high and is taking me back to his nest to be fed on by his hungry children. Yeah, like he’d share.

Free. The word tastes of… freshness. I almost get giddy with the thought, but then, I am in an asylum. But it’s not me. Well it is and it isn’t. It’s my book. My story.

Sin, written by some bloke called Shaun Allan. I’m sure he’s a nice guy, and all that, but would you trust someone with two first names? It’s like he can’t make his mind up.

Saying that, I lost my surname somewhere along the way, so I don’t have room to talk.

Anywho. Sin, the eBook, is going to be completely free all day on the 12th January. That’s tomorrow, or today, or last week (depending on when you read this).

If I can’t be free and walk among the populace, perhaps my book can.

Less chance of people dying, I suppose.

(Available from Amazon USAmazon UK)

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