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Where do you go, when your mum whispers "Sweet dreams"? Who do you see? What adventures do you have?

Igglepop, a strange sort of fellow, with his hair all shades of green and his skin each shade of yellow, knows!

An Excerpt:

Igglepop Utterby was a strange sort of fellow, with his hair all shades of green and his skin each shade of yellow.  With his eyes of bright orange (except when they were brown) and a voice that could be heard all over town.

He'd a time machine in his belly, which he used twice a day, and the complete Enid Blyton on his wellie, carved in clay (the left boot, of course, certainly not the right! He was strange but not crazy! That would be such a sight!).

Around his right wrist and along to the other was the recipe for pancakes made just like his mother's.  As the recipe was dear Mum's, he didn't want to forget, so it went up right and down left, and twice around his neck!

As for his clothes, well, we'd best not mention those, for although they were smart, they were made from garden hose!  It was, I suppose, a spare garden hose that he'd cut and he'd sown to make all his clothes.  But clothes made of hose?  Well, how strange can you get?  At least they'd be useful if he ever got wet...


A strange sort of chap most people might say, though ol' Igglepop never let that get in the way.  It mattered not a fig, not a doowhip, not a jot, whether those people liked him or not.  For he'd meet them and greet them, and say 'Hi' and such, and completely ignore all the sniggers and looks.  And he'd be nice and be kind, for he knew everyone, and they thought they knew him though they couldn't think where from...

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