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Hello. Thanks for dropping by.

I guess you want to know a little about me? Oh shucks, you’ll make me blush.

Well… What can I say? I’m a proud member of the Wattpad Stars program, a Wattpad Featured Author, Tap Squad member, FCRAs and Wattys winner.

I’ve been writing since I was very young, but didn’t really do anything with my work. So many people told me I was wasting my time, I mean, why read a book when you can watch the movie, right?

Eventually, I learned to ignore the naysayers and properly work on that which I loved the most – writing.

After my first book, Sin, had reached #1 on Amazon and a Goodreads list of Books that Get You Hooked (even above Harry Potter and The Hunger Games), I turned to Wattpad and, finally, my writing found its true home.

Since being on Wattpad, and becoming a Wattpad Star, I’ve written for such movies as The Purge: Anarchy, Sinister II, The Boy, Incarnate and Stephen King’s IT! I’ve also worked with Goosebumps and DC Vertigo Comics. It’s been an amazing time.

I write a variety of genres, including horror, children’s and MG/YA fantasy retellings and you’ll find them all here on Wattpad. I’m lucky enough to now have an extended family and circle of friends from all over the world, including Wattpad staff, writers and readers. This community never ceases to amaze me with its amazing support and talent.

Let’s connect

Wanna get geeky about your favourite authors and stories or share your thoughts on my work? I love connecting with new people and you can find me in lots of places.

The best place to find me is on Wattpad because this is where most of my stories live, but if you like a shorter read, you might like Tap. It’s like taking a peek in someone else’s world. You never know what you might find there…

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