Dark Places


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Dark Places.  Thirteen dark poems and thirteen darker stories…. I am Death. I know who you are…

There is darkness and madness in each of us. We must do battle with our own demons.


What if those demons opened the door in the back of your mind and stepped out. What if they became real? If the night, the shadows, the reflections and Death himself walked among us? And what if they were watching you? Waiting? Thirsting…?

Dark Places. Thirteen stories. Thirteen poems.

Thirteen doorways.

Praise for Dark Places:

  • “He paints a surreal picture that sucks you into the terror.”
  • “Wow. Brilliantly written.”
  • “This collection of dark stories and poems takes you on a journey into fear, madness, evil and death. Each piece is superbly written and takes you into the mind of each character, showing you first-hand how their emotions, thoughts, deeds and misdeeds fuel their mentalities and actions. The descriptive passages create fabulous imagery.”
  • “Another great book by this outstanding author, it certainly does not disappoint. Like Sin this is brilliantly written and I would definitely recommend it.

In a Dark Place… 

Everyone has them, don’t they?  A dark place?  Or you’ve been in one, at some point?  Well, perhaps not everyone.  But many people do.

At some point, you’ve entered a ‘dark place’ and you haven’t always been sure of how you were going to get out.

The poems herein are mostly from my own.  I entered, lost my way and struggled to find the exit.  Whilst I was wandering the dim halls of my mind, I wrote these poems.  I say my writing is my therapy (have you met Sin??) and I believe, in this case, it might have also been my little gas lantern.  The kind miners or cave explorers – or tomb raiders – take along with them.

The stories… well, they’re me, I suppose.  A little weird.  A lot dark.  And often with a sense of humour.

I had some written already then I was sent a story from a young woman called Zoe.  She told me she’d written it whilst in her own ‘dark place’.  Poirot danced on my head and got my ‘little gray cells’ boogying along and a story inspired by Zoe – the title story, in fact – was born.  From then, I decided to write an anthology.  These poems hadn’t been published or shown and I felt they fitted with the general theme, so I chose thirteen and matched them with thirteen stories.

Thirteen is such a nice number, after all.

Night, death and other worldly things fascinate me for some reason, as you can probably tell once you’ve read this collection.  You’ll meet each of these herein, as well as being able to ‘reflect on where there be dragons…’

Please, enter.

Here, let me give you a little lantern of my own to light your way…

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