Happy new year to all you lovely people. I do hope we you’ve had a wonderful time over the holidays and are ready to start 2017 running! I know I am! I already have one story, Just Jack, in an anthology by The Cryptic on Wattpad.

Just Jack is my tribute to the Jack the Ripper legend. My good friend, the author Greg Carrico, had written the amazing story Undone – Ripper themed. When I was at the Wattpad London Conference with him and author a Wayne Sharpe, another ripper ‘fan,’ we visited the area (at Tower Bridge) where Greg had based his story and went on a very well done Ripper walk.

When I was asked to write for The Cryptic anthology, I knew I had to do my own taken on the legend. Just Jack is the result.  It’s already been called my best work!

Since the beginning of October, when I worked on the Incarnate movie, I’ve written no less than SEVEN stories for various anthologies! More on those in my next post but you may be wondering why I started this with a picture of the Red Queen cover?

It’s because I’m delighted and humbled to say, Red Queen won an award in the Fairytale Community’s Retelling Awards! How amazing is that? Not only that but Sin won a WATTY AWARD!

Wow. Just wow.

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