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The Hunt Has Begun

When overpopulation reaches epic proportions, the governments introduce The Hunt, the biggest game show ever. And you are the star. Read the collaboration between myself and the amazing Seb Jenkins featuring some amazing guest...

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I Wanna Tell You A Story

I was thinking about starting a new story serial for here. There, I've said it, so I guess I have to do it now. My finger did, for a moment, hover over the delete key for that sentence above, but I resisted. It appears the Borg were wrong, though I won't...

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Why do you write?

What makes you want to write? This morning, the Ripl app, which I use for little videos for Instagram and Twitter, offered a Monday Motivation prompt, something it does each week. When I loaded it, however, and went to edit the Mark Twain quote it gave as a default, I...

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I was wondering how to start this post today. I've been told that I have a unique take on chapter openings. They have a habit of seeming to wonder away on a tangent, taking the scenic route before slipping back down a side alley and tempting you to follow. A friend of...

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The latest newsletter is now available, with an update of what's been happening recently and news of an upcoming Sin related giveaway! To make sure you don't miss out on future news events and giveaways sign up now! [et_bloom_inline...

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The Dogs of War

Tap is a platform made for quick stories. As such there's lots of romance and horror on the platform. As a horror writer, this is great, though I've also read (and written) more humorous pieces too, such as my Dog's Life one. But, does poetry work? Can it?...

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November is a month that I've feared for a long time. So many of my amazing writer friends sign up to this strange thing called Nanowrimo and lose themselves for a month. I thought about doing it myself, often. Then I realised how silly I was being and...

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Over on Tap, it's day three of Hellmonth! Check out my story The Pickup! Megan's dad is in his way to collect her... But is something else after her too?

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Tapping IT

When I first moved into horror, both in my reading and my writing, there was one author I aspired to. I loved (love) Clive Barker, Dean Koontz and many more, but the writer I read the most, and wished to be, was Stephen King. I read all his books,...

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The Superheroes of Brazil

I spoke, in my last post, about the writing workshop I'd given at a local school (Ormiston South Parade Academy) and how much I enjoyed it. Well, today, I had the chance to visit the school again and talk to first year pupils in Miss Huddleston's Brazil...

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Imaginings of Italy

Writing is a wonderful thing. Reading is up there along with it too. Since I've been able to hold a pen, I've written.  Since I've been able to figure out that those letters thrown across the page were actually words and meant something, I've read. I truly believe...

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The robots are rebelling! Run for the...! Oh wait. No, it's fine. I think. OK. Try again. The robots are uprising, but not in reality - as far as I know. But, over on Wattpad's Tap app platform, there's a new story series! If you swipe for the story...

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Happy Birthday Harry Potter

Twenty years is a long time. It's like, pretty much, two whole decades, isn't it? Yes, twenty years. So much can happen in that time. Here's just a handful of the advances we've seen - some epic, some useful and others just cool: Stem cell research Tivo...

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Tap Your Own Ending

Dare you go down into cellar? If you do, then you make the rules, thanks to the latest innovation from Wattpad’s amazing Tap app! If you haven't heard of it yet, TAP is an app from the Wattpad team that redefines how you read stories. Do you find it...

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Announcing the pre-order of Snow!

One cabin. Sixteen stories of forbidden love. SNOW: Stories of Forbidden Love anthology is officially LIVE!  The #SnowAnthology is only available at $0.99 (or equivalent applicable cost in your locality) for a limited time, so pre-order your...

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Choices on Tap 

This week, #Wattpad revolutionised the way we think of stories with the release of Tap. I was pleased to be among the first authors to have my work featured on the app. If you haven't tried it out yet, give it a go. You'll be surprised at how much you can...

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And the Meek Shall Swim… 

I'm writing "And the Meek Shall Swim" on Wattpad. It's the sequel to my Little Mermaid retelling. I was going to leave the story where it ended but the response has been so amazing, I had to carry it on. Thanks to comments such as "savage and beautiful," I...

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Wattpad is a wonderful place to share stories. You know my feelings on this subject. Nowhere has my writing felt more at home. Nowhere have I been to achieve more, particularly with the work I've done with film companies for such films as The Purge:...

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New Beginnings

Happy new year to all you lovely people. I do hope we you've had a wonderful time over the holidays and are ready to start 2017 running! I know I am! I already have one story, Just Jack, in an anthology by The Cryptic on Wattpad. Just Jack is my tribute to the Jack...

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A year and a half of full cream literary goodness… 

It's been a long time, I know, since there has been an update from me. I don't want you to think I've forgotten you. Oh no, no way!  I have to say, it's been such a busy year, I really have had no time to drop by and say Hi. Well, here I am. Hi! There's so...

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