I was wondering how to start this post today.

I’ve been told that I have a unique take on chapter openings. They have a habit of seeming to wonder away on a tangent, taking the scenic route before slipping back down a side alley and tempting you to follow. A friend of mine tells me she loves the openings where I don’t just dive into the story. I wax philosophical about the nature of time, the human condition, reality and such like. I think she reads far too much into my writing, but I’m not going to complain!

So, for this post, I had a think. I didn’t want to just dive in – and I guess I haven’t! But, the way I’ve started it wasn’t how I intended, much like how most of my stories end up being written.

So, what was I going to talk about? Well, I was going to talk about eyes. Yes, eyes. Now, as a horror writer, you might think that would mean baby blues on sharp sticks, perhaps being used to fool retina scans such as the way Wesley Snipes did in the movie Demolition Man. No. Not today at least. But, what about them? There’s a phrase that I’m sure you’ve heard – the eyes are the windows to the soul. It’s been attributed to a variety of people, such as Shakespeare, Dante, Leonardo Da Vinci and Cicero. Whoever wrote it, I believe that they’re not far wrong. They are windows to your world, and windows can be seen through both ways, in and out.

Looking outwardly, they let you see the world around you. You see life and loves and the fact you’ve got too much ketchup on your chips. They show you the evidence which you use to craft opinions and judgements.

Looking inward, they give another (using their eyes, of course) a look inside you. Attitude, health, intelligence – they can all be indicated by one’s eyes. If you could only see yourself through their eyes, what would you see? Would you even recognise yourself?

Whether they allow the viewing of a soul is an entirely different matter. Another story perhaps.

Something else I considered touching upon when starting this post was the theme of rebirth. I once contemplated having a Phoenix as a tattoo. It was going to be on my shoulder with the fiery tail curving down my arm. It was meant to signify a new life.

Rising from the ashes of what had gone before. Of course, this isn’t the only symbol of rebirth. The cherry tree, the butterfly and the snake are revered in many different cultures. I didn’t have the Phoenix tattoo in the end. I’ve got a much different one. It has Mockingbirds, a clock, the Cheshire Cat and pyramids. Not quite the same.

But still, rebirth. And eyes. Or is it evolution? The process of looking within and reflecting, then moving forward. A little wiser, a little clearer, a little stronger.

So to what does any of this refer?

Well, with those eyes that sit comfortably in your head, you’re looking at it. Here, you lovely people, is the rebirth, or evolution, not from ashes I have to say, of my website.

The site has gone through multiple iterations since I first built it many years ago. When first creating websites, around 20 years ago, I was writing the HTML by hand. In a former life I had an online poetry and prose magazine that received submissions from all around the world. Since then, websites and what they convey, have changed and grown dramatically. Now, I’m hoping mine has finally caught up! The content is in the process of being refined and reviewed. The focus has changed. I want you bring you into my world, as warped as that may be! My apologies.

So welcome. Please enjoy your stay. I’d be honoured if you’d let your eyes wander a while, and if you’d like to share your opinion of what you see, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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