Reviews for Dark Places

Here’s some reviews for the Dark Places.

“Having read and loved Sin, as soon as Dark Places came on the market, I snapped it up.

This collection of dark stories and poems takes you on a journey into fear, madness, evil and death. Each piece is superbly written and takes you into the mind of each character, showing you first-hand how their emotions, thoughts, deeds and misdeeds fuel their mentalities and actions. The descriptive passages create fabulous imagery – you can close your eyes and see wherever Allan takes you – yet it’s not overdone.

The author’s portrayal of death could lead you to believe he’d actually experienced it – thankfully he’s still very much among the living – and his perception of that part of our lives which most of us dread would perhaps give hope that something does exist for us when we shuffle or are dragged kicking and screaming from this world.

If you like horror and you liked Sin, you will love this and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it (especially as the final story in this collection is about Sin’s sister, Joy)! Worth every penny, or tuppence, if you know what I mean!”

“Another great book by this outstanding author, it certainly does not disappoint. Like Sin this is brilliantly written and I would definately recommend it!”

“After reading ‘Sin’, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this new eBook from Shaun Allan.

This is a brilliant read, with a mixture of poems and short stories, each one expertly written. The eBook holds atmosphere and suspense by the handfuls. He shows that whilst dark places are inside each of us, there is help out there.

And of course, we meet Joy again – Sin’s sister.

If you liked ‘Sin’, you won’t be disappointed by this. I, for one, hope for another anthology from Mr Allan. He is a master of the craft.”

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