Rudolph Saves Christmas

Rudolph_Saves_Christmas_cutRudolph, that very famous red-nosed reindeer, has been accused of blowing up Santa’s sleigh! Join him as he, with the help of a very special squirrel called Flop, tried to escape from prison to find the real culprit!

Throw in a collection of madcap Christmas poems and you’ve got something to keep children of all ages entertained this Christmas!

Rudolph Saves Christmas is very much along the lines of Zits’n’Bits, with poems including Spider on my Present and A Zombie Christmas.  It begins, though, with a story of daring reindeers and crazy squirrels.  I’d actually sat down to work on the sequel to Sin, but ended up with the first 1,000 words of the Rudolph story, and I still have no idea how!


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